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NormandyBunkers Guide

Utah Beach bunker sites


Click on the images below to discover more about each of the accessible Widerstandsnests (Wn), Strongpoints (Stp) and Batteries on Utah Beach in Normandy

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UTAH WN03 Beauguillot nature reserve4.JPEG

Wn03 Utah Beach

Le Beau Guillot


Wn04 Utah Beach

La Madeleine

Utah Wn02 Le Taret Pouppeville.jpg

Wn02 Utah Beach

Le Taret


Wn05 Utah Beach

La Madeleine

Wn01 Le Grand Vey Vf2a bunker3.JPG

Wn01 Utah Beach

Le Grand Vey

Wn08 Redoute d'Audoville la Hubert R501 bunker2.JPG

Wn08 Utah Beach

Redoute d'Auderville la Hubert

Stp 9 (ex Stp 100) 150cm searchlight bunker Utah Beach33.JPG

Stp09 Utah Beach

St-Martin de Varreville Clos Duval

Normandy Bunkers web header.JPG

Stp10 Utah Beach

Hameau Mottet les Temples


Wn11 Utah Beach

Foucarville Mauger

Type 667 (variation) bunker at Stp12 Ravenoville34.jpg

Stp12 Utah Beach

Ravenoville St-Hubert


Wn13 Utah Beach

Grand Hameau des Dunes


Wn14 & 14a Utah Beach

Le Fort Redoute de Ravenoville & Les Gougins

Stp134-135 MKB Marcouf SK Leitstand with 2cm Flak 29 position23.jpg

Stp134 & 135 Utah Beach

Crisbecq batterie

Stp16 Hameau du Nord R668 bunker3.JPG

Stp16 Utah Beach

Hameau du Nord - Fort Pongibaud


Wn17 Utah Beach

Fontenay la Breche

Stp18 Quineville 483P2 type Armoured embrasure in anti tank wall12.JPEG

Stp18 Utah Beach

Quineville le Havre

Tobruk for 3.7cm R35 turret at Wn19 Quineville Fort Lestre Hameau Simon2.JPG

Wn19 Utah Beach

Quineville Hameau Simon

Wn20 Quineville Bourg R677 east bunker2.JPG

Wn20 Utah Beach

Quineville Bourg


Stp133 Utah Beach

Azeville batterie


Wn22 Utah Beach

Mont Coquerel batterie

Wn25 Morsalines H677 bunker for 88mm48.JPG

Wn25 Utah Beach

Morsalines La Redoute

Vf58c Mortar Tobruk at Wn23 Aumeville Lestre3.JPG

Wn23 & 24 Utah Beach

Aumeville Lestre


Wn140 Utah Beach

Morsalines Le Hutrel


Wn21 Utah Beach

Aumeville Lestre Plage

Stp141 L402 AA bunker modified from searchlight Morsalines batterie1.JPG

Stp141 Utah Beach

Batterie Morsalines


Stp142 Utah Beach

Crasville Videcosville


Stp144 Utah Beach

La Pernelle


Utah Beach

Brecourt Manor


Wn162 La Pernelle

La Pernelle

Normandy Bunkers COMING SOON.JPG


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