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About us...

Hello from the team at NormandyBunkers - thank you for visiting our site. This is a work-in-progress website with new content being added each week so please keep checking back for new updates.


We're professional photographers, film-makers, presenters, and writers with nearly 30 years' experience in national and international media, producing high-quality content for newspapers, magazines, TV, and websites.

Based in Normandy, France and in the UK, we've been travelling around Normandy for decades and have a passion for D-Day beaches, museums, memorials, and bunker sites of all types from the smallest strongpoint to the massive gun batteries.


Our content is created to help others get a better understanding of the many locations along the Atlantikwall and the history behind them, including the people who lived through one of the darkest times in modern history. We actively celebrate the heroes who gave so much, and in some cases everything, to ensure freedom.

We are non-political and robustly challenge any views linked to old ideologies.


Through our friends and contacts, we've been granted unprecedented access behind the scenes at many locations, inside bunker complexes, and museums and so are able to show site visitors some real hidden gems you might not normally get access too.

We're qualified drone operators too and have permission to fly over battle sites, bunkers, and beaches to bring you unique views.

Through our rapidly-growing social media channels (over 328,000 followers) we have recorded over 65 million video views and enjoy great conversations with our followers from all over the World.

We'd love to hear from you - see the links below on how you can get in touch.

Contact us...

We'd love to hear from you.

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