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Wn20 Quineville Bourg

Inland casemates and roadblock

Wn20 site overview

What to see

Wn20 was an inland Widerstandsnest which covered the roads into Quineville with two large gun casemates on high ground behind the village.
Both casemates were of the R677 type and housed 88mm Pak field cannons, one covering the road and beach area towards Wn19 Hameau Simon and the other facing towards the southern side of the village towards Wn17 La Breche.
Both casemates can still be found close to the road near the church on the route in from Montebourg. The north facing R677 is on farmland while the southern casemate is at the entrance to a chateau and is overgrown.
This site stood next to Wn21 which featured a road block and series of field machine gun positions. The concrete blocks with their steel attachments are still in place at the side of the road near the car park at the church. These would have been attached to Element 'C', or Belgian Gate, structures to prevent unwanted access to the village.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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