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Wn25 Morsalines La Redoute

Beach side complex with big gun casemates

Wn25 site overview

What to see

This site is reported to be based around an old French fort, which replaced a Viking fort at the site.
Wn25 is at the top end of Utah Beach and was a heavily fortified location which covered the bay between the coast and the spit of land at St-Vaast-la-Hogue.

Wn25 originally featured two R677 casemates for 88mm Pak 43 field guns although only one remains today and this faces out into the bay and along the beach to the south.
Inside the R677 you can see two niches for storing the large calibre ammunition plus two, slotted concrete and steel lined sections on the floor where the trailing arms of the gun would be positioned to hold it in place during firing. The fan for extracting the gases from the gun has long gone but the metalwork for the ventilation system is still in place, albeit in a very rusty state.

Wn25 also boasts a cluster of other concrete structures buried on the mound behind the large casemate with two Tobruks – one for a machine gun and one for a captured tank turret - plus personnel shelters, a 1694 Ringstand, and an anti-aircraft gun emplacement.

The R677 casemate is accessible, although flooded in the winter months, but the sea wall surrounding the site is rapidly being removed by the power of the sea so take care if visiting here.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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