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Wn22 Mont Coquerel batterie

Small gun batterie with plenty of firepower

Wn22 site overview

What to see

One of the last batteries to be constructed on the Atlanktiwall in this area, HKB Mont Coquerel is somewhat off the main tourist route and rarely visited.

Standing in farmland on the hill above the town of Quineville, the site started in 1943 with guns in open emplacements but by 1944 comprised of four R671-type casemates for 105mm Schneider guns.
It was designed to provide coastal defensive for this area near the port of Saint-Vaast-la-Hogue on the North-eastern side of the Cotentin peninsula.

On D-Day the batterie was shelled by the USS Tuscaloosa and USS Nevada, causing damage to the first casemate and gun. It was once again shelled on June 7 and 10 and at that point the batterie commander decided to dismantle the remaining guns and move them to Cherbourg to aid in the defence of the famous port.
HKB Mont Coquerel was captured by the US 22nd Infantry Division on June 14.

Please note, this batterie is on private land and permission must be sought before visiting.


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