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Stp16 Hameau du Nord Fort Pongibaud

A long bunker site with some hidden gems

Stp16 site overview

What to see

Based around an old French fort site, strongpoint Stp16 has largely been consumed by modern builds but there are still a number of interesting concrete constructions you can observe here. Out of respect to homeowners with bunkers in gardens, we did not photograph every position.

At the centre of the strongpoint near the walls of the old fort you can till find a rare R634 type bunker which once featured a bell-shaped, six embrasure steel dome on top, giving the machine guns at this position a 360 degree range of fire.
On top of the walls an Bf58c position for a tank turret was incorporated. Nearby, and now next to the coast road is a R668 six-man shelter which you can get up close to and see the two conical openings for communications aerials and an escape ladder leading to a tunnel from inside the main crew room.

Perhaps the easiest concrete build to spot here is the large R621 at the far north of the site. This is a double entranced group shelter with a defensive Tobruk, again sporting openings for communication aerials.

Stp16 was protected a the south end by a multi-direction R667 casemate - similar to that with the mural on it at Stp12 further south. This was home to a 5cm KwK gun. Nearby was a small stand for a 150cm searchlight.
At the north end a R612 casemate for a 7.5cm field cannon was located, covering the beach towards the north.
The larger positions on the beach front are now removed but you can still see the remains of smaller Tobruks - two Bf67 neu styles for French tank turrets and a block built machine gun stand.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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