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Wn14 & 14a Le Fort Redoute de Ravenoville

Twin cannons inside special construction gun bunker

Wn14 site overview

What to see

Most of the defensive structures built at Wn14 Le Fort Redoute de Ravenoville are now under housing but there are still a few structures which can be seen along the line of the beach.
The largest of these is the SK - Sonder Konstruktion/special construction - casemate which features two rooms, each with a cannon positioned inside. The northern facing embrasure had a 3.7cm Pak field gun while the southern-facing embrasure was for a 5cm Pak gun - a lot of firepower.

Wn14 also featured three Vf2a personnel shelters, four Vf8 Tobruks for machine guns at each corner of the site and two MD-type Tobruks for 8cm mortars.

Wn14a - at nearby Hameau du Sud Les Gougins - was a small site with the main build a heavy-duty personnel shelter known as a Wellblech. This structure features a corrugated iron skeleton with concrete outer layer.
The remains of a Bf67 neu Tobruk now form the foundations to a set of steps leading from the main road to the beach and there was also a Pilz, or pillbox, to the south of the shelter.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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