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Wolfsschlucht II Flak B site

Anti-aircraft and radar bunker site east of Wolfsschlucht II

Wolfsschlucht II Flak B site site overview

What to see

Located to the south of the village of Laffaux is one of more than 20 anti-aircraft gun sites which created a ring of fire around the Fuhrer’s Headquarters in nearby Margival.
Known as ‘Flak B’ this site featured three anti-aircraft guns – two open emplacements for heavy 10.5cm guns and an early style L1 emplacement for a 20mm AA gun.
The site also has the remains of two rare bunker types, a L427 machinery bunker, and a L426 bunker for a Wurzburg radar which was located on a small concrete platform just a few yards away.
Supporting the Flak B site are a R621 single group shelter, five personnel buildings, and a small water reservoir.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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