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Wolfsschlucht II Flak 2 site

Regimental HQ bunker site with defensive casemates

Wolfsschlucht II Flak 2 site overview

What to see

Located in and around the outskirts of the picturesque village of Laffaux – to the east of the main Wolfsschlucht II Fuhrer HQ complex - this site featured a mixture of defensive machine gun bunkers, a regimental HQ, storage tunnels, personnel shelters, and a searchlight position.
Although the area was known as a Flak site, there aren’t any permanent positions for anti-aircraft guns to be found at Laffaux.
What does remain is either hidden away under farmland, modern housing, or heavily overgrown.
Outside the town hall you can see the roof of a R621 single group shelter while a R501 just a few yards away is now buried within a private garden.
Underneath the water supply for the town’s fire brigade is a R608 Regimental HQ bunker.
Two defensive machine gun casemates can be explored though, and both have their protective front plates still in place. Inside one of these SK special construction MG positions you can see lots of original markings, including a stone wall like camouflage at the entrance and instructions for the soldiers manning the casemates.
North east of the town is a heavily overgrown air-raid shelter, and a machinery bunker where a generator would have provided the power for a 60cm searchlight positioned next to it.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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