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Wn357 Laye tunnel

Tunnel system leading to clifftop view of Channel Island

Stp12 site overview

What to see

Take a look inside a WW2 German tunnel system hidden in the hillside at Auderville-Laye area on the West side of the Cotentin peninsula.
This position was codenamed Wn357 by the occupying German forces and provided a secure shelter and storage location near the coast.
You can walk through the 180 metre tunnel and up the steps at the far end where you’re greeted by some spectacular views - on a clear day you can even see the Channel Island Alderney. At the exit steps on the cliff there is a patch of ground where a number of now overgrown concrete bases look to have been built, possibly for an anti-aircraft gun.
As the artwork at one end highlights, the tunnel is now home to a colony of bats who roost in the offshoot rooms which were once storage spaces for the German troops stationed here.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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