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Wn317 Biville

Special construction casemates covering wide sandy beach

Wn317 site overview

What to see

The Biville beach is a huge expanse of sandy shore with a large dune system behind and features a handful of large multi-appeture gun casemates which would have been able to fire in both north and south directions along the shoreline.
There are two R667SK type special construction casemates on the beach, both surrounded by a protective ring of Tobruks.
The R667SK casemates were built for 5cm KwK anti-tank guns and although the guns have long since gone you can go inside the casemates and see the fixing points where they once stood.
At the front, the casemate also featured a position where a captured Renault tank turret with 3.7cm cannon and machine and gun would be fixed, giving this position a wide range of defence against attack
If you fancy an uphill crawl - owing to the sloping nature of the casemate now - you can access the short tunnel which leads to the opening where the turret was once positioned.
Behind the bunker site is a dune system which once was a French Navy firing range and you can find a trio of wrecked Sherman tanks plus other vehicles used for target practice. It's now a nature reserve and there's plenty of parking but beware the gravel road in is a bit harsh unless you've got a 4x4 vehicle.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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