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Wn315 Vauville le Fort

Beach bunker complex protecting inland gun batteries

Wn315 site overview

What to see

Vauville is the location for an old French fort - albeit a very small one - and Widerstandsnest 315 was built around it.
This site also served as a first line of defence for the two gun batteries inland from Wn315, the nearest being Batterie Petit Thot to the south east of this position.
Wn315 features two H676 type casemates for 47mm anti-tank guns on the beach, both of which are still here although the southern one is now almost buried next to the car park while the casemate to the north of the fort is fully accessible. It does, however, suffer from the impact of litter being dumped inside and graffiti on the outer.
The site is surrounded by a series of machine gun Tobruks while a Bf69 Mortar Tobruk gives further defence to the site and there is also a 1694 Ringstand for a 5cm KwK anti-tank gun.


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