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Wn308 Semaphore de la Hague

Special construction searchlight bunker and gun platform

Wn308 site overview

What to see

Unlike most of the large concrete constructions in Normandy, this unusual looking bunker wasn’t actually built for a defensive gun.
This huge R606 SK, special construction bunker at Strongpoint Wn308 Cap de La Hague was built to house a 150cm searchlight and its generator.
Stored in the garage to the left of the bunker, the light would be drawn up the long ramp on the landward side of the building to a position on top where it could search the air and sea for aircraft and ships passing between France and the Channel Islands to the West.
There are still marks at the top where the cables cut into the concrete as the light unit was hauled up.
While usually flooded, you can explore inside where you can find two rooms for soldiers plus a storage area for the mobile light and its generator.
From the top you have an amazing view of the coastline and the lighthouse at Goury.
Just a few yards away to the east, inbetween the R606Sk and the current semaphore position you can find a large open emplacement platform at the edge of the beach which could have been used for a field cannon or anti-aircraft gun. It features several niches for ammunition storage.


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