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Stp391 Batterie Petit Thot

Four R671 type casemates for captured French cannons

Stp391 site overview

What to see

An early construction gun batterie featuring a series of four R671 casemates and a two-level, basic observation post, Batterie Petit Thot was one of two inland batteries in the area - the other being nearby Saint Croix les Delles which was made up of four H669 casemates - and also featured captured French 105mm cannons which had a range of around 12km.
Petit Thot was originally built around open emplacements for the guns and the special construction Leitstand observation and Fire Control Post was built at the same time, before the occupying German forces upgraded the site to encase the guns for better protection.
Behind the row of four casemates you can still see the remains of ammunition niches and the mess/barracks buildings which have been used as stables. The site now stands on private farmland and so access is only with permission.


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