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Stp318 Clairefontaine

Modified gun bunkers protecting beach area near port

Stp318 site overview

What to see

This bunker complex is away from the usual tourist spots by some distance, but it’s well worth the visit.
It's situated at the south end of the huge Biville beach and sand dune system on the west side of the Cotentin peninsula. It’s also near to the once protected deep water port of Dielette to which it would have provided some cover for.
The site features two H667 type casemates - quite common on the Atlantikwall - built to house 47mm Skoda ‘fortress gun’ anti-tank weapons and they featured a large shield in the front of the casemate which could be raised and lowered for protection and firing.
Of the two H667 casemates at Wn315 one is now resting on the beach and covers the ground to the north while the second still rests behind the dunes and its embrasure is positioned to fire in a southerly direction.
Both also feature unusual adaptations, the first being an escape hatch and ladder incorporated into the gun room itself. The second adaptation and one perhaps due to the absence of an observation post is that both bunkers feature apertures for extending periscopes - you can see the protective raised area on the top right hand side of the roof.
Behind the beach H667 is a Tobruk which once featured a captured Renault 35 tank turret while the dunes are also hiding a number of concrete constructions including ammunition stores and personnel shelters.
Access to the site is a long walk through the dunes from the Biville car park or from the south direction near the sports centre although the road here isn't suitable for vehicles at the moment.


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