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Wn08 Redoute d'Auderville la Hubert

Target area for US troops on D-Day

Wn08 site overview

What to see

Located in front of an old fort mound and bisected by the main Utah Beach road, Wn08 Redoute d'Auderville la Hubert is a great site to visit, giving you access inside two large group shelters.

The first builds you see from the road and parking area are the R501 single group shelter and the larger, double room R622 shelter - both of which are accessible. In between the two was a long since removed barracks block for the soldiers who manned the position.
Wn08's R501 features a cold joint concrete extension - a defensive/observation Tobruk which can be accessed via the steps on the outside of the building - which was built after the R501 was completed.

The R622 can get a bit wet inside during the winter months but you can walk through the gas lock section to explore the two crew rooms.

The fort area to the rear of the site is on private land and can only be accessed with permission. Here you can see two Ic116 Tobruks and an MD Tobruk built for an 8cm mortar.

The main armament for the Widerstandsnest was a 7.62cm field cannon and a captured French 4.7cm cannon which stood in open emplacements on the top of the dunes. Linked by a series of trenches, the site also boasted two 5cm KwK guns in 1694 Ringstands - one in the centre of the position and one at the most southerly end, giving them a wide arc of fire over the beach area below.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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