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Trou02 Honfleur port

Defensive position located at the mouth of the River Seine

Trou02 Honfleur port site overview

What to see

Honfleur is a popular port town which stands on the south bank of the mouth of the River Seine at the western end of the incredible Pont de Normandie.
The historic town and small harbour surrounded by its brightly painted buildings, cafes, and art galleries is a mecca for tourists but if you look carefully, you can also discover a number of buildings remaining from the Second World War.
The largest of which is a Luftschutz air-raid shelter which stands next to a new housing complex near to the Bassin Carnot. This is now a museum highlighting the impact the war had on the town and pays tribute to the Canadian forces who liberated the area in late 1944. Next to it is a closed off Tobruk which acts as a base for the display of a sea mine.
Along the banks of the river – on both sides – you can find other structures including open emplacements for 5cm KwK anti-tank guns plus a Tobruk which would have supported a captured Renault R35 tank turret, and a large personnel and ammunitions storage shelter.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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