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Tre08 Le Treport

Gun casemates covering area to the west of the port

Tre08 Le Treport site overview

What to see

Located on the western side of Le Treport you can find a small hillside complex of gun casemates covering the main entry roads into the large port town.
There are three main casemates here, two are R630 bunkers for Skoda fortress guns which are less than 50m apart and face inland in two directions to cover ingress along the road. They stand in a small park which also has a small shelter next to the road which was likely to have been used as an ammunition store but now operates as an observation post with views over the port to the north.
The third casemate - found at the edge of one of the two large cemeteries on the hill overlooking the town – again faces direction along one of the major routes into the area.
It’s a big of an enigma though as many sources believe it to be a R515 casemate for a machine gun. Despite being almost completely buried however, it doesn’t quite match the square-sided, four roomed building that makes up a R515.
A rear defensive Tobruk and more rounded front point at it being more likely to be a R620 instead, a bunker with a similar four room layout inside and again a machine gun casemate which were built to stand on a forward apron of a strongpoint. There were only seven R620 casemates built on the Atlantikwall from the Netherlands down to the mouth of the River Seine in France.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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