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Tre06 Le Treport

Extensive tunnel system inside chalk cliffs

Tre06 Le Treport site overview

What to see

There’s a lot of concrete and constructions at Tre06 Le Treport, but most of it is well hidden from visitors to the large port town.
Le Treport is split over two levels, the high chalk cliffs and lower port area of the town which are connected by some steep steps and winding roads on the western side. As you make your way down to the lower part you pass through strongpoint Tre06.
The most obvious building is a R630 machine gun casemate on the bend of the Rue de Daladier. This casemate is partially buried but what does remain above ground exhibits the ‘lumpy’ camouflage which can be found on many bunkers in this area of Normandy. These hand-sized concrete additions to the skin of the bunker helped to break up the flat sides and overall shape of the building.
As you continue down the cliff you come to Kahl Burg, a residential street which hides a very deep secret – the entrance to an extensive tunnel network cut into the chalk cliffs.
Now operating as a museum, the site is only open for a few days during the summer months and so can be difficult to access. Inside you can follow a series of tunnels which link personnel rooms, observation positions on the edge of the cliffs, and a fire control post which stands near to the R630 casemate you can see on the road above.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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