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Stp Quend Plage

Command post bunker overlooking Baie de Somme area

Stp Quend Plage site overview

What to see

This small strongpoint is located on the land between the Baie de Somme and Baie d'Authie, and acted as an observation and comms position for watching the bay and wide sandy beach in front of the seaside town.
Near to the sailing club and watersports centre you can find a R636 type of bunker which was created to be a command post for an army coastal batterie - a fairly uncommon construction.
Only 23 of these types of bunkers were built along the Atlantikwall from the Netherlands down to St Nazaire in France so the opportunity to get up close to one is worth the drive.
The R636 features eight rooms on a single level, including an observation room, computing room (the largest space inside the structure), radio and communications rooms, rooms for the crew and officers, and a close quarters defensive embrasure for a machine gun.
On top, and linked directly to the computing room, you can see where a rangefinder was positioned. This would be used to help pinpoint targets in the bay for a line of artillery guns positioned in open emplacements and casemates at batteries located further inland and along the coast.
Like many bunkers positioned on sandy dune areas, this one has now slipped forwards onto the beach and has recently been fenced off to prevent more erosion of the dunes surrounding it.
Quend also features a second large build - inside a housing estate a couple of hundred metres further inland you can catch a glimpse of a R119 type batterie commander's bunker which was part of the Stp Monchaux Quend Plage site.


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