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Luftwaffe Flak School Ramouville

Training school for German anti-aircraft gunners

Luftwaffe Flak School Ramouville site overview

What to see

On the high cliffs to the west of Dieppe between the villages of Ramouville and Quiberville are the remains of around a dozen anti-aircraft gun positions in close proximity with a further three open emplacements situated 300m away to the east.
There’s a lot of broken concrete on the beach below the cliffs and this indicates that there could have been as any as 30 positions on the top of the cliffs.
Rather than being a massive defensive batterie, this was a school site to teach and train Luftwaffe personnel and crews in the use of flak guns.
The crews would be challenged to hit target drogues pulled behind Luftwaffe aircraft flying out to sea with guns which would have included 20mm, 75mm, and even the heavy 10.5cm flak cannon.
Supporting them were a series of small shelters for ammunition and several observation posts which have long since fallen into the sea below. There are warning signs at the edge of the site highlighting the dangerous nature of the cliff and these are best heeded.
Further inland, and close to the village of Ramouville, you can still find a line of seven Wellblech shelters where the troops would be billeted during their training. These are mostly overgrown but there are two which are accessible with care.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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