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HKB Heuqueville

Batterie site with overhanging Fire Control Post

HKB Heuqueville site overview

What to see

One of the most remarkable bunker sites remaining on the Atlantikwall, but also one of the most dangerous to visit.
This Heer gun batterie was designed to be a clifftop defence featuring a planned six open emplacements for 10.5cm guns capable of engaging with ships in the English Channel north of Le Havre.
And while there is a lot of buildings around the site including shelters, ammunition stores, and a huge Fire Control post, the only evidence to be found for the guns is one large circular ring of concrete which would have been the location of just one emplacement.
However, it’s the clifftop Fire Control Post observation bunker which attracts the most attention here. Overhanging the 100m high cliffs due to years of erosion, the front observation area of the large bunker looks precariously balanced and access to it isn’t recommended.
The reason the FCP hasn’t crashed down to the beach below is because it’s just one small part of a much larger building which – for now - is firmly rooted to the cliffs, keeping the whole structure in place.
This bunker features the observation and range finding room at the front with further rooms behind for an office, plotting and computing rooms, a communications centre, and officer/troop room.
Please note, the cliff area is very dangerous and the pathway to the FCP is right on the cliff edge and so access is forbidden. Our shots were taken from a safe distance via our drone. The other buildings are all on private land and permission must be sought before visiting.


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