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FuMG Fliege ‘Anton' night fighter control

Aircraft guidance radar site west of Saint-Valery

FuMG Fliege ‘Anton' night fighter control site overview

What to see

Standing on the cliffs to the north east of Saint-Valery-en-Caux and surrounded by agricultural land you can find one of the largest and rarest bunkers in Normandy.
Only five L479 bunkers were built in Normandy, and they were created for managing the radar guidance of Luftwaffe fighters.
The L479 is a very large bunker constructed over two levels and featured over 20 rooms including an ultra-modern (for the time) Seeburg plotting room. This was based around a large glass table with overlaid maps which would have lights shone upon them to highlight the movement of Allied and German aircraft. Operators within the bunker received their information from a pair of Wurzburg radars and relayed the tracking information back to the Luftwaffe pilots.
The L479 here is overgrown and is no longer accessible but you can go inside one of these bunkers at the superb Radar Museum at Douvres, behind the Sword Beach landing area in Normandy.
Surrounding the bunker are two machinery bunkers and the remains of a large personnel shelter for the crew stationed here.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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