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Die09 Pourville-sur-Mer

Strategic clifftop position west of Dieppe

Die09 Pourville-sur-Mer site overview

What to see

On the D75 road from Pourville to Dieppe to the west of the port town you can find the remains of bunker site Die09, a small but well-armed strongpoint offering defence along the cliff top and the road.
Most of the site is located within a private garden and almost completely buried from view but here you can find a R612 casemate for a 7.5cm cannon, two Vf2a group shelters, and a Vf7a ammunition bunker.
There are still a few bunkers which can be seen by the side of the main road, including the roof of a rare R632 three-embrasure turret bunker – minus its cupola - and a personnel shelter.
Below the cliffs, on the beach, are the shattered concrete remains of the site’s observation position.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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