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Die03 Dieppe

Gun emplacements and tunnel cut into chalk cliffs

Die03 Dieppe site overview

What to see

Set into the chalk cliffs behind the main ferry terminal area on the eastern side of Dieppe, Die03 was a strongpoint featuring a series of gun emplacements, a searchlight position, and an extensive tunnel network.
Most of the excavations into the face of the cliff can still be seen today, although they have been sealed up and stand behind a fence for safety reasons as rockfall from the soft cliffs here are common.
The tunnels connected the site at the base of the cliffs via a network of underground steps to the Die02 strongpoint on top of the cliff, linking directly to the R608 regimental HQ bunker above.
Defence of the site came from 4.7cm Skoda fortress gun and two machine gun positions which covered the port entrance and area directly in front of the site where the ferry port now stands.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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