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Batterie Dollemard

German emplacements on old French fort location

Batterie Dollemard site overview

What to see

Batterie Dollemard was built on the high cliffs to the north west of the port of Le Havre and guarded over the mouth of the River Seine.
The German concrete here was built on and around a Napolionic French fort known as Sainte Adresse and it is the old fort builds - open emplacements and ammunition storage areas - which have stood the test of time with the newer 1940s constructions now little more than concrete blocks on the beach below the cliffs.
Hanging right on the edge to the south of the site is a small Fire Control Post and observation position for the batterie. This original French construction was extended by the occupying forces but little of the additional builds now remains. Back from the cliff edge are a number of personnel shelters (now sealed) and the old fort is flanked by two open emplacements.
The whole site can be visited, including the old Fort area and it's storage rooms, but care must be taken on the clifftop path.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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