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Batterie Cayeux Sud

Early war batterie site established following German occupation of France

Batterie Cayeux Sud site overview

What to see

Located south of Cayeux-sur-Mer, batterie Cayeux Sud was one of the first large batteries built in the Baie de Somme area by occupying German forces.
The site was based around four open emplacements for large calibre artillery guns and featured the supporting buildings representative of a large batterie including ammunition storage bunkers, a fire control and observation posts, and multiple personnel shelters for the soldiers manning the guns.
Some early built sites were upgraded as the war progressed and the Atlantikwall was upgraded from 1943 onwards with open emplacements replaced by concrete casemates to protect the guns from aerial attacks. However, this wasn’t the case at batterie Cayeux Sud where the guns were presumably needed at more strategic location and so the site was abandoned in 1942.
Today, over 80 years on, the remains of the site within the dunes are well preserved and, although overgrown, you can see and access most of the buildings.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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