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M5A1 Stuart tank replica

Dead Man's Corner Museum, Saint-Come-du-Mont

Location and info

Dead Man’s Corner Museum & D-Day Experience, 2 Village de l Amont, 50500 Saint-Come-du-Mont

Located on the D974 road north from Carentan towards the N13 motorway. You can't miss it!

You may not believe it when you see it up close, but this is actually a 1:1 scale replica of a real M5A1 Stuart tank - it’s incredible!
It stands at the Dead Man’s Corner Museum on the outskirts of Carentan - just yards away from the incident which gave the location its name.
In June 1944, when the area was still occupied by German forces an M5A1 got into trouble on the road here and an internal explosion killed the crew. Sadly the commander’s body was left hanging halfway out of the cupola.
It was a few days before the bodies could be recovered and so passing troops branded the location as Dead Man’s Corner.
The museum also displays a M4A4 Sherman tank which stands proudly outside the nearby D-Day Experience building. This particular vehicle - armed with a 75mm gun - was used by the French Army post-war and you can see plenty of scars on its structure. Looking forward to seeing its restoration over the next few years.


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