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M4A4T Sherman


Location and info

Musee Memorial d’Omaha Beach, Avenue de Liberation, 14710 Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer

Anyone heading to Omaha Beach can’t fail to spot this Sherman standing outside the museum – you can even park next to it while visiting!

Donated to the museum by the Musee des Blindes in Saumur in 1998, this Sherman – which was in use during WW2 by the French Army - was given the designation ‘T’ for Transforme after the vehicle was adapted for post-war use.
That transformation saw it receive several major upgrades and conversions including a new Continental Radial petrol engine to replace the original Chrysler A57 power unit, different hatches, additions to the cupola, and cooling system. It kept its original 75mm gun, however.
The Sherman has the serial number 18875 which correlates to it having been built by the Chrysler company in the USA and received the French registration number of 420126 and the nickname ‘Burieux’.
While the markings have faded, for any modellers out there the almost bare metal patina makes this vehicle a great subject for a weathered Sherman.


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