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M4A2 Sherman III


Location and info

Corner of Rue Lucien Joly and Rue Charles Laurent, 14117 Arromanches-les-Bains

At the eastern end of the town of Arromanches, this Sherman stands on top of a German gun casemate. Parking in the town.

This M4A2 Sherman stands as a tribute to the liberating forces who landed on D-Day June 6, 1944 and has a commanding view of the town of Arromanches and the Gold Beach landing area.
It has been placed on top of a German R612 type casemate which housed a 75mm field gun to cover the beach in front of the town.
Marked with the patch of the French 2nd Armoured Division and 'Berry au Bac' this vehicle featured a 75mm gun and was still in use following the war by the French Army.


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