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M4A1 Sherman Camp Patton

Camp Patton, Normandy

Location and info

Camp Patton, 10 Rue de La Belle Maniere, 50390 Nehou, Normandy

Located on the D187 road in the centre of the Cotentin peninsula. Signposted from the main D900 road.

Camp Patton is the site of General George S Patton’s top secret command post from July 7 to August 2, 1944, where he planned and led the breakthrough towards Avranches following the breakout from the Normandy landing beaches.
This former orchard provided space and overhead cover for his Third Army command vehicles with nearby fields housing troops in tents.
The Sherman on display here stands as a memorial to the remarkable General and his men who helped to liberate France. Patton himself was injured in a car accident and subsequently passed away on December 1, 1945 having led his troops all the way to Germany.
It’s a an M4A1 version with a 76mm gun and it is in good condition for an outdoor exhibit, being cared for by a local group. It stands in a park with lots of information boards which we're informed are to be upgraded in 2023.

More info: Association Souvenir General Patton – – or find them on Facebook and Instagram (@souvenir_patton_nehou)


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