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M4 Sherman, 'Chacal' guns, 88mm gun & more

Musee D-Day Omaha, Vierville-sur-Mer

Location and info

Musee D-Day Omaha, Route de Grandcamp, 14710 Vierville-sur-Mer

Located on the D514 road at Vierville, just a few hundred metres behind Dog Green sector of Omaha Beach.

Our friends at the Musée D-Day Omaha have an incredible collection of WW2 artifacts at their site in Normandy.
In 2020 they acquired the Sherman 'Austerlitz' for restoration. This vehicle - in French army colours - gives you an opportunity to see the damage an armour-piercing rounds can inflict on even the toughest hulls with a large hole in the right flank of the vehicle exposing the crew space inside.

At the front of the museum you can see two of the five 130mm (5inch) guns from the French destroyer Chacal (Jackal) which was assigned to the Western Command to protect convoys delivering vital supplies during WW2.
At the end of May 1940 the ship was sent to protect the French ports of Calais and Boulogne and bombarded advancing German troops until being badly damaged by artillery shells and bombing runs from Heinkel HE111 aircraft. Rather than sinking, Chacal was beached near Ambleteuse/Wimereux.

Amongst the other hardwear on display, there's also a 2cm anti-aircraft gun, Caterpillar bulldozer, 150cm searchlight, Goliath, Higgins boats, and a newly repainted 88mm German Flak gun.
Taking the road from the museum to the beach at Vierville-sur-Mer also allows you a glimpse of the museum's Mulberry Whale bridge sections.


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