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Churchill MkVII 'Crocodile'

Fort Montbarey, Brest, Brittany

Location and info

Fort Montbarey, Mémorial des Finistériens, All. de Bir Hakeim, 29200 Brest

This museum site is located on the western outskirts of the city near the junction of the D205 and D789 roads.

This Churchill MkVII was part of a group of specially adapted vehicles known as Hobart’s Funnies created during WW2 by British engineer Percy Hobart.
Unlike most Churchill tanks, this one - known as a Crocodile - was modified with the removal of its hull machine gun which was replaced by a moveable flame thrower.
Regarded as a powerful psychological weapon, it was devastating too and could spit a stream of fire up to 120 yards to clear bunkers, trenches, and fortifications.
An armoured trailer was towed behind the tank and contained over 400 gallons of fuel which was piped into the rear of the tank and along the floor which you can see in our images inside the tank.
This Churchill tank is on display at Fort Montbarey near Brest in Brittany, France a site where this type of tank was used to capture the fort which was a stronghold of German forces until 1945. The fuel carrying trailer is a modern reproduction.


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