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Churchill Mk IV

Hillman site, Colleville-Montgomery

Location and info

Hillman site, Rue du Regiment Suffolk, 14880 Colleville-Montgomery

Head south west out of the town of Colleville-Mongomery for around 1km. The site is signposted and there's a large car park for visitors.

There are numerous German strongpoints positioned around the Ouistreham and Colleville area which were objectives for British soldiers landing on Sword beach on D-Day June 6, 1944.
Three of the larger gun sites earmarked for attack were named after makes of cars – Wn12 ‘Daimler’, Wn16 ‘Morris’ and Wn17 ‘Hillman’. Wn12 and Wn16 both featured R669 type gun bunkers while Wn17 Hillman – just south of what is now called Colleville-Montgomery – was the site of the regimental HQs plus a series of defensive structures and trenches built into the hillside overlooking the area.
The volunteers who care for the site have recently acquired a Churchill tank from the Tank Museum at Samur and work has already begun on restoring the vehicle. You can see it up close at the edge of the car park.


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