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V1 site Wasswerwerk I Siracourt

Tunnel-like facility - one of the most heavily bombed V1 sites in France

V1 site Wasserwerk I Siracourt location

What to see

The massive V1 flying bomb storage and launch building in the village of Siracourt was one of the most heavily attacked V weapon sites in Northern France and due to this attention it was never completed and so never fired a single missile.
That doesn't stop the 215m long, 36m wide bunker from being an incredible construction though.
Architect plans for the building were never recovered but it is believed that the bunker - codenamed Wasserwerk I (waterworks) - was due to feature possibly two Walter launch ramps located at the centre of the building, along with facilities inside for storage and assembly of the V1s delivered to the tunnel-like structure via it own railway line at one end of the building.
Siracourt was subjected to 27 bombing raids, the last one in late June 1944 seeing the use of Tallboy bombs dropped from RAF Lancasters which left the site inoperable. One of the Tallboys penetrated the roof and the damage can still be seen today.


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