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V1 site No163 Val de L'eau

Flying bomb site hidden in forest

V1 site No163 Val de L'eau site location

What to see

One of many dozens of sites located around this densely forested part of Normandy around Abbeville, V1 site No 163 Val de L'eau was a site still under construction when the allies captured the area.
It was created to be a light site, quickly built and without the additions of some of the early V1 sites which included blast protection walls at the ramp area. The site's fire control post and garages for housing the firing compressor and electrical launch equipment were never constructed.
Today you can still see the concrete foundation blocks which would have supported the 45 metre long Walter ramp for launching the V1 flying bombs. This ramp was angled at 327 degrees in the direction of London which is just over 210km away.
There are also three water reservoirs and a 'washing area' for cleaning the ramp and launch equipment after use, plus the remains of the non-magnetic building where the V1s gyroscope would be set to ensure the correct flight path to the English capital. This 'Richtbau' was a light version with a concrete base and wooden shed-like structure from which the flying bomb would hang for calibration.
At the edges of the concrete you can still see the remains of some of the wooden posts which created the roof of the building.


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