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V1 site No 698 Ligescourt

Storage and launch site hidden in dense woodland

V1 site No 698 Ligescourt location

What to see

Now mostly overgrown, V1 site No 698 at Ligescourt in the Pas de Calais region was a facility built in 1943 with the intention of sending flying bombs directly towards London nearly 250km away.
Early detection of the site followed by an extensive bombing campaign by allied air forces meant it never got to complete its assignment, but you can still see the remains of the facility in the dense woods to the west of the village.
An extensive wall next to a narrow farm track gives the site away form outside the woods and this structure was once the blast wall which protected a 49m-long Walter launch ramp. A cluster of remain nearby - just a few yards into the woodland but all heavily overgrown - and you can see a propellant storage bunker, fuse store, personnel shelter, non-magnetic building for setting the V1's gyroscope, a fire control post, and two out of three originally built V1 storage depots where the assembled missiles would be kept prior to launching.
It is these ski shaped, long storage buildings which gave the site away to RAF photo-recon analysts who had seen similar tell-tale structures at other V1 positions in France.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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