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V1 site No 671 Beaulieu Campneuseville

Small V1 launch location at the edge of dense woodland

V1 site No 671 Campneuseville location

What to see

Located on the edge of dense woodland north east of the village of Campneuseville, V1 site No 671 is surrounded by dozens of similar launch sites, although this one boasts more remaining structures than the others in the area.
This was an early-built site and features blast walls either side of the launch ramp location to protect the valuable ramp from damage from Allied bombing raids. This ramp was fixed at 326 degrees to fire at London nearly 220km away.
A replica V1 flying bomb stands on a short section of a new-build launch ramp and next to it a complete fire control post which is accessible and gives you a ground view of the launch area.
Head back into the trails through the woods and you can find the remains of the site's non-magnetic building - used to set the gyroscope on the bomb - and there are the remains of two here, one which was destroyed during a bombing raid and a second, replacement building constructed in May 1944.
The three ski-shaped V1 storage buildings - which helped Allied intelligence identify V1 sites - were still under construction here but you can see the positions where they would have been located deeper into the woods.
The site's long assembly building can also be accessed and inside you can see the roadway where trucks would deliver the flying bombs and also workshop rooms plus tool and fuel storage areas.
A series of personnel shelters are represented by a lone survivor to the south of the site and you can also see a water storage reservoir, fuze bunker remains, and two personnel shelters, one of which is now used as an Escape Room for those who like to be locked up and try to find their way out via a series of clues.
As with many V1 launch sites, there are numerous bomb craters punctuating the buildings and woodland.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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