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Roquetoire V2 radio control system bunker

Huge bunker for V2 radio control system storage

Roquetoire V2 radio control system bunker site location

What to see

Located in the small village of Roquetoire in the Pas de Calais region of France, this huge bunker was created to store the vehicles and radio guidance equipment which were to be used to direct V2 rockets launched form the nearby La Coupole site at Wizernes.
The structure measures 35 metres long, 22 metres wide, and 7 metres high with the roof and walls of
3.5m thickness. With a one metre thick reinforced door which is 2.80 m wide and weighs around 38 tons, once sealed the contents of the building were protected from Allied air attacks.
It was capable of storing three trucks and trailers carrying the radio equipment (along with personnel) and these would be driven out into the surrounding field and set up ready for the launch of the V2.
The equipment was designed to correct the path of a V2 rocket during the launching step and during the first minute of its flight when the V2 had reached its required speed to reach its target.
This location was chosen because, if we draw two lines from Roquetoire towards the Gris-Nez and Blanc-Nez capes, and extend them to over the English Channel the lines mark the most eastery and westerly points of the city of London.
The code name of this site was 'Umspannwerk C' and work started at the end of 1943 and ended around May or April 1944.


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