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Wn87 Unstrut

Small support bunker site for railway gun turntable

Wn87 Unstrut site overview

What to see

Located to the south west of Calais on the outskirts of Coquelles, this small site was one of the many positions along the route the railway guns which operated between Calais, Cap Gris Nez, and Boulogne-sur-Mer.
Along with railway lines used to move the gun, it also featured a large turntable which would allow the gun – one of two K5’s used by the E725 army unit located here – to be angled for firing.
As with all the railway gun sites the turntable has long since been removed, but you can see the support buildings including a personnel shelter and an R677 type gun casemate at the site. Both are on private land used for aquaculture and are overgrown so visiting is not possible, but you can see them from the public footpath which runs along the same lines as the railway once did.


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