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Stp180 Schwarztal

Extensive site with original ammo stores and engine shed

Stp180 Schwarztal site overview

What to see

One of the most extensive remaining sites used by railway guns in the Cap Gris Nez area, Stp180 Schwarztal near the village of Noirbernes still features many of the original buildings which supported the railway guns which operated between Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer.

The most prominent are the two special construction ammunition stores which held the 28cm shells and propellant for the K5 cannons. Measuring around 25m by 20m, these two 10-room buildings now stand within agricultural fields and are accessible with permission and care.
Both of these ammunition stores have extensive damage inside from exploded munitions an have had their steel doors removed. However, you can still see the areas where the steel roof rails for transporting shells through the facilities once stood.
Next to each of the special construction ammo stores were Wellblech personnel shelters and a large turntable/platform which the K5s were positioned on for multi-directional firing.

Another stand-out building here is the original shed which the locomotive would be stored in when not transporting the railway gun along the tracks to the different firing positions.
Like all the main firing sites, this one is supported by a number of storage and personnel shelters, including a Wellblech with an added machine gun post on top at the southern end of the site.
There were also four large, open emplacements in the centre of the site where four 15.5cm artillery guns were located to give the site a huge amount long/medium range firepower too.
Two ringstands for 5cm KwK anti-tank guns protect the north and south extremities.


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