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Stp124 Bremen

Former chalk quarry with tunnel for hiding K5 railway gun

Stp124 Bremen site overview

What to see

A former chalk quarry, Stp124 Bremen is an extensive site positioned on top of a cliff created by the removal of material from the site.
Cut into the wall of rock is a tunnel where one of two K5 railway guns under the command of E725 army unit would be protected from bombing raids. The tunnel is no longer accessible and has become a refuge for bats.
On top of the hill are a series of ruins which once formed an impressive complex of personnel bunkers and storage shelters, including two R621 single group shelters, and R622 double group shelter, and a R637 rangefinder bunker for an army coastal batterie. It’s believed that the R622 which stands at the rear of the site also gave access to the tunnel system below.
The site is now the location of a popular Motocross track and there are regular meets with races in the shadow of the bunker site.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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