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Stp274 Kornblume

Gun bunkers and shelter at the top of high dunes

Stp274 Kornblume site overview

What to see

A difficult to access bunker site on top of high dunes and very overgrown, strongpoint Stp274 Kornblume to the south of Equihen Plage features one main R612 casemate for an assault gun and an open emplacement for a 105mm field cannon as its main armament. Both offer incredible views across the wide, sandy beach here with the R612 facing to the south and the open emplacement allowing the gun a wide arc of fire across the sand and out to sea.
Amongst the scrub there are two personnel shelters - be careful as we nearly fell down one of the overgrown escape shafts - plus a water storage bunker, Vf7a ammo store, observation post, and now almost buried Tobruk and Michelmannstand.
Access to the site has now been fenced off to protect the dunes and for safety reasons.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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