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Stp Sudostecke

Defensive ring of machine gun casemates

What to see

The high ground around Mont St Frieux to the south of Boulogne-sur-Mer was one of the most fortified areas in the Pas de Calais region with four large gun batteries, including a heavy anti-aircraft batterie - occupying an extensive amount of land.
Now a heavily forested area, the sites within the boundaries of the forest are heavily used by hunting groups and can only be accessed with permission - do not go into the forest without supervision.
Mont St Frieux was made up of Stp Mont St Frieux, Stp Mont de Terre, and Stp158 Hohe which was separated into two part - eastern and western.
Surrounding the site inland to the east was Stp Sudostecke, a series of gun bunkers which were part of a ring of defensive fire which included sites such as Zollhaus, Brunnen, and Dannes situated on the coast to the west of the mount.
Sudostecke stands at the edge of the forest and the remaining casemates here are a varied mix of types from including three R630 types for machine guns, three R631 casemates and a smaller R676 for 4.7cm Skoda fortress guns, and a R620 which was a machine gun casemate with a narrow build style.
The heaviest weapon located here was a 7.5cm Pak 40 anti-tank gun and this was housed in the R680 casemate to the south of the position.
One of the R630 casemates can be visited without a walk into the forest as it stands at the entry gate to the complex and it's well worth a look as there's so much to see here.
A local collector has set up a roadside museum here where you can not only see the R680 but also several sentry posts - one dated 17th September 1942 - plus a range of concrete beach defence structures.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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