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Stp Leine

Single casemate on the beach - but it's a big one!

Stp Leine site overview

What to see

Located north of the once huge Sainte Cecile gun batterie is this huge special construction R612 casemate on the beach.
One of the largest casemates on this stretch of coastline, the R612 had the addition of a extra observation and defensive Tobruk at its rear. The casemate featured a 7.5cm field cannon and faces north, giving protection from anyone landing and aiming for Stp Sainte Cecile and Luftwaffe radar station 'Bulldogge' just a few hundred metres to the south.
Inside, the casemate is in good condition - except for the usual graffiti - and the roof-mounted hooks which allowed the cannon to be moved around inside are still in place. From the embrasure you have a clear view along the wide, sandy beach.
Inland were two small shelters although these have now been hidden by the dune vegetation.


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