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Stp Canche Sud

Large bunker site north of Le Touquet

Stp Canche Sud site overview

What to see

The expanding seaside town of Le Touquet looks to have reached its limit to the north and so the Stp Canche Sud strongpoint has survived the developers for the time being.
While the site was a caravan park up until a few years ago, the whole area has been fenced off to create a nature reserve now.
Tracks around the site give you access to some great views over the La Canche river estuary, the reason this bunker complex was located here in the first place.
The heavy duty builds on the spit of land here are two R612 casemates for 7.5cm field cannons covering the mouth of the river and estuary - both of these are overgrown and only glimpses of their concrete outer shells can be seen from the pathways.
These gun casemates are supported an open emplacement, Vf7 ammo storage bunkers, and both Vf2a and Vf2b type personnel shelters, the latter being a beefed-up version of the first type.
There's also a water storage bunker in the centre of the site.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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