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Stp Brunnen

Small beach front complex between two larger bunker sites

Stp Brunnen site overview

What to see

Stp Brunnen is a small strongpoint halfway between the larger bunker complexes of Stp Dannes Plage in the south and Stp Zollhaus to the north.
Although a 'light' site when compared with its neighbours, it still packs a lot of fire power, mainly from the series of Tobruks hidden within the dunes.
These consisted of two Tobruks for captured Renault 32 tank turrets, mounted to give 360 degrees of matchine gun and cannon fire, plus two machine gun Tobruks. To the north of the complex is a Tobruk for a grenade launcher which would be able to reach the beach with its mortars.
On the beach itself you can find the remains of a ringstand for a 5cm KwK anti-tank gun and an observation post. Nestled behind the obs position is a Michelmannstand which provided support for a heavy machine gun set up, likely to be an MG34.
For the personnel manning the site there is a small shelter and a larger R502 double group shelter.


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