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Stp Berck-sur-Mer Sud

Coastwatcher radar position and proposed gun batterie

Stp Berck-sur-Mer Sud site overview

What to see

There was a large army gun batterie consisting of four R671 type casemates planned for the Berck-sur-Mer Sud site but they were never constructed by the time Allied forces captured the area.
What does remain here though is worth a visit, especially the Tobruk which is nearest the beach as this features a builders' calling card in the form of a RAD or Todt unit marking on the top of the concrete.
Elsewhere in the small dune system you can find the remains of an open emplacement for a 10.5cm field gun, a Michelmannstand which provided a base for a heavy machine gun set up, plus a Vf2a personnel shelter, and rear defensive Tobruk.
It was also a site which received attention from Allied aircrews as to the north of the bunkers a FuMg Seetakt type 'Coastwatcher' radar was installed to keep a watch over the air and sea in the bay area here. The small concrete base for the radar is now buried under dune vegetation and the area has been closed off to the public to allow the wildlife to flourish.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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