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Stp Atlantik

Once huge bunker complex now covered by holiday homes

Stp Atlantik site overview

What to see

Stp Atlantik was a huge site located to the south of the holiday town of Le Touquet and the rapid expansion of the area for holidaymakers has meant many of the original bunkers and shelters built here have now disappeared.
Two massive high rise holiday homes, a hotel complex, spa, and car parking have covered over most of the concrete builds, but there are a few gems left to see in the dunes.
The largest remaining structure is a special construction R119 command bunker for a battery commander and features multiple rooms for crew, communications, radio, a generator, and observation. This normally rectangular bunker has the addition of an observation/fire control post room with it's dome-like cover added to the front of the building. On top there's also a position for a rangefinder to help direct the fire from the casemates which are now long gone beneath the growing town.
One casemate which does remain - for the time being anyway - is a R612 on the beach where a 7.5cm field cannon would have been located. The embrasure for the gun faces to the north and this would have had an open view of the beach and sea here but now is blinkered by sand dunes.
In the scrubland behind the dunes is a sealed up R630 casemate which would have housed a heavy machine gun behind an armour plate which could be lowered and raised for firing or protection. There were eight of these type built at Stp Atlantik and would cover the site from all angles along the beach and behind the personnel and ammunition stores.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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