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Wn71 Vierville-sur-Mer

Small site on high ground above Omaha Beach

Wn71 site overview

What to see

This small site overlooks one of the bloodiest and most hard fought for sections of the Omaha Beach landing area on the hillside at Vierville-sur-Mer. It overlooks Wn72 which features a number of large gun casemates, one of which still houses an 88m Pak 43 cannon, along with some of the most photographed memorials in the area.
Wn70 didn’t have the firepower of its near neighbour and was built to defend the grounds behind the larger site with machine gun stands, Tobruks, and a personnel shelter linked by a network of trenches located high on the hillside to the east of the main beach exit.
There are three builds still visible on the top of the cliff, a Type 1699 Tobruk for a machine gun to the east of the position, a small shelter for troops, ammunition, and water storage which is now almost completely overgrown at the centre of the site, and another machine gun Tobruk to the west.
Inside both Tobruks you can still see the gun mount inside the opening.
Two double machine gun stands are located on the edge of the cliff behind the houses which line the main road away from the beach, but these are inaccessible from the top of the cliffs.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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